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How to set up fop2 credentials


It is a pointer to what you set up in “Advanced” , set the operator panel directory to ../fop2

If you want to reduce your exposure perhaps create


with the content of:-

	$basename = pathinfo($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],PATHINFO_DIRNAME);
	$uri = (!empty($basename) && $basename != '/') ? $basename . '/fop2' : '/fop2';
	header('Location: '.$uri);

to admin the site goto

(same goes to replacing fop2 with ucp if you so desire.)


Not getting what you mean by “Advanced” here. Is that a menu option somewhere?


perhaps I should have better said “advanced settings” which is conveniently under the “settings” tab at the top of your logged in admin screen. Come on dude, get inquisitive ! -:slight_smile: you might need to allow the readonly options at the top of that screen.


I did check there but I didn’t allow the read-only options. I changed the setting from “cxpanel” to “fop2” then the Operator Panel setting disappears from the startup screen mysite/admin/config.php. Then I found this:

I changed it to /fop2 but same result. Operator Panel disappears from from the startup screen.

Still working on it.


I guess you need to pay a little more attention, did i say ../fop2 or /fop2 ?


That you did but the other post I read said just /fop2


Did it work ?


More or less. The main site is set up with a letsencrypt certificate. fop2 won’t start but the URL is generally okay. I’ll have to fiddle with settings for apache.

BTW, I am in Cambodia. It is now about 11AM here. Time to get some other work done


In the README you didn’t read, their is help as to how to set up your ssl certificate locations be they letsencrypt or self generated (the self generated ones just wont work in any modern browser) , Please RTFM


Yes. I know that is there. I’m just commenting that is something I have to do after I finish some other work.

Thanks again


The instructions are here:


I guess the problem here is that you are asking for help for fop2, maybe take that to fop2 fora because for me it all works as described, but I really did RTFM, all of them :wink:


I got it all working. Once I found the right doco to read… I just had to change fop2.cfg to point to the letsencrypt files.

SSLCertificateFile /etc/httpd/pki/webserver.crt
SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/httpd/pki/webserver.key

The syntax is a bit different here. I had to change it to


Not so obvious but now it works.

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