How to set up fop2 credentials

I decided to have a play with FOP2. The latest installation instructions have this:

### Manager Credentials

Before starting the FOP2 service, some basic configuration is required in  *fop2.cfg*  and probably in  */etc/asterisk/manager.conf*  (in many backends you can configure that in  */etc/asterisk/manager_custom.conf* ), because the FOP2 daemon connects via TCP to the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) using a username and secret. The basic daemon config is covered [here](

Once that the files are in place and the manager credentials configured you will have to start the service. There are a number of ways to do that. The best way is to use a proper init script for your distribution, another way is to start it from /etc/rc.local.

You can always check if the manager credentials are correctly configured, and also verify if your license is ok, by running the command:

/usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --test

There is nothing there about how to configure these files.

You can use the GUI to configure:

I added a user from the GUI as you suggested. In the Permissions tab, I don’t see fop2 listed. When I try to login from, I get “invalid credentials”



and make the credentials match

Did that. Restarted fop2. Still get “Invalid Credentials”

Normally fop2 puts its AMI user in /etc/asterisk/manager_custom.conf whereas the GUI puts them in /etc/asterisk/manager_additional.conf - I would check that you don’t have credentials in both places.

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They were in manager_additional.conf… manager_custom.conf is empty

Do you see your fop2 user if you do:

asterisk -rx 'manager show users'

[[email protected] asterisk]# asterisk -rx 'manager show users'

4 manager users configured.

d0325mgray is the user that is failing authentication

I am copying and pasting the password to be sure that is not the problem

Also at the cli

manager show connected

Is d0325mgray and its associated password reflected in your fop2.cfg file?

If necessary restart the fop2 service and fwportal

 d0325mgray                                                1559661995  4563        18        0         08191  08191

I have restart the fop2 service. There is no fwportal service

fop2.cfg has the matching name and password.

sorry fwconsole

Was that all manager show connected wrote?

Username         IP Address                                               Start       Elapsed     FileDes   HttpCnt   Read   Write
  d0325mgray                                                1559667161  150         21        0         08191  08191
  firewall                                                1559667163  148         23        0         2147483647  00064
  admin                                                  1559667176  135         45        0         1073750015  1073750015
  admin                                                  1559667177  134         48        0         1073750015  1073750015
  admin                                                  1559667184  127         49        0         1073750015  1073750015
  admin                                                  1559667311  0           20        0         1073750015  1073750015
6 users connected.

issued “fwconsole restart”

No change

Now set up users


There are three extensions listed on the left side. set up one extension to log in with and was successful. I can now start to configure this.

Is this all documented in one place? I was unable to find a recipe for setting this up

Thank you for all your help

Pretty well all in the README file of the fop2 installation directory.

I was only looking on the web. Even this readme file doesn’t cover all the steps you put me through.

One last question :smile:

There is a button on the FreePBX admin/config.php page called Operator Panel. What is that supposed to be fore?

I believe that is used for iSymphony if you have it set up.

There is another tab along the top row for isymphony