How to migrate from freepbx 13 to freepbx 16 and not die in the process. How to migrate from freepbx 13 to freepbx 16 and not die in the process

How can I backup my freepbx 13 and then load it to a new freepbx 16 machine? I just need to export the settings and extensions. The problem is that every time I do a full export when restoring it to the new freepbx 16 the extensions stop working. Is there a command to do it through the console instead of using the graphical interface?

Can someone explain to me step by step how I can go from freepbx 13 to freepbx 16 without it stopping working?

Restoring from backup should work.

But in FreePBX16 I believe ChanSIP extensions are disabled by default and only PJSIP is enabled. Have you checked this? I assume your 13 Distro was using ChanSIP extensions correct?

correct and where can I validate if it is disabled?

Also every time I perform a full restore I get the following error

Advanced Settings > Sip Channel Driver

appears as SIP channel driver: chan_sip as in version 13

What I don’t understand is why only when you restore the backup do the freepbx 16 calls stop working?

Is there any other way to restore a backup without getting an error at the end?

You’re missing the point… you’re extensions are set up as Chan_SIP in the old system. The new system doesn’t recognize ChanSIP becuase it is turned off by default.

Either re-create the extensions manually in the FreePBX16 system using PJSIP OR turn on “BOTH” in the Sip Channel Driver setting on the FreePBX 16 system BEFORE you restore the backup there.

I believe @ashcortech is correct on the need to update your FPBX 13 setups to use Chan_PJSIP before attempting.

There is also another gotcha relating to the use of Backup & Restore. The Backup & Restore process was overhauled in FPBX 14 and above. This allows a Backup from one version FPBX 14 or higher to be Restored on a different version of FPBX 14 or higher. This new feature will not work with a Backup from FPBX 13 to a Restore on a higher version.

The answer is to do:

  1. Update your setups for Trunks and Extensions to use PJSIP.
  2. Do an in place update from FPBX 13 to FPBX 14.
  3. Then, take a Backup of your FPBX 14 machine to Restore on your new FPBX 16 machine.
  4. After the Restore onto the new machine, I experienced a series of script errors. Read them and acknowledge, the script took care of fixing each one. There were several reboots in the process. Apparently this was necessary to get some of the older setups in FPBX 14 up to snuff in FPBX 16.

There are several good threads about this process on the forum.

Always remember, don’t burn bridges. Good Backups. Leave the old server in place but off until you are satisfied that the new installation is sound and working.

Here is a resource post: FreePBX/Asterisk upgrade recommendations
Do be careful that the links to the wiki will likely not work since it has moved. Do a search on the referenced article on the new wiki.

The overhaul was done in v15 not v14. The right way to do this is just to create a FreePBX v16 box and restore the backup from that. FreePBX v16 will restore a v13 backup without issue. If Chan_SIP is being used, it will enable Chan_SIP as needed.

Also, the errors being shown by the OP are the result of DNS not looking up FQDN’s properly as it can’t resolve domains to reach them.

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My apologies. I was incorrect about the FPBX 13 Backup & Restore compatability with new versions.
That change in Backup/Restore happened between FPBX 12 & FPBX 13. That is what my experience and steps mentioned earlier were related to.

Digging a little deeper here are a few article links from the new wiki:
This article and its sub-articles are GOLD!!

Thank you Tom R. for the wise and experienced correction.

100% correct, totally missed that. Good catch

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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