How to login to User Control Panel in Freepbx

just update to the newest freepbx and when I login
I would eneter the ext number and password but the User Control Panel is different how do I setup login info ?

The User Control Panel uses the login information setup you setup in in the User Management module.

How do I setup the User Management module. ? were is it ?

I found the User Manager attached a screenshot but when I add a password and try to login to User Control Panel it says Invalid Login Credentials

When you create a user in User Management you need to also enable that user to have access to the User Control Panel (UCP). You may also wish to take a look at the User Management User Guide which goes through the available options in User Management for UCP.

Thank you That work what did they change it I was much easier the other way Thanks again!!

Two things changed. The first is that we no longer use ARI (FreePBX ARI) and have written UCP from the ground up to offer the flexibility ARI never had as well as more granular controls allowing admins to restrict what people have access to. Next you may not be familiar with the newer User Management module even though it’s was pushed back to FreePBX 2.11. This module replaced several modules which attempted to manage users in their own way, allowing a single point inside of FreePBX to configure and manage user account and access. Please note that the User Management module does not replace the Administrator menu in FreePBX where you define your Admin accounts.

It may be a new learning experience, but I think you’ll find it’s a huge improvement. If there is anything missing in the documentation, let us know and we will see what we can do about getting it addressed.

In the older version of freepbx there was a option that when I get a incoming call it will ask for there name in UCP that option is not there any more how do I get it back ?

Also I did see another problem 1 ext has menus in UCP but the others do not see attached photo.

The menu options are what Bryan mentioned. We give you control over what is displayed based on what you pick in User Management module.

As far as privacy manager that is not in UCP. Please feel free to put in a feature request to have it added to the Settings module in UCP.

I think what you are looking for is Call Screening which is not currently available in UCP. As @tonyclewis stated you can open a request to have it added . This is still available in the Admin GUI under extensions however.

How do I request to have it added ?

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