How to install own pbx server

Hi All,
I would like to install own pbx server to use for our head office and branch office. We have public ip on both location. I want to configure local extension for both location and need to use through soft phone like xlite and other software.

Can you please help me any one.

You can view this wiki link to get started

We also offer pre-built appliances, as well as paid support if you need it.

Preston McNair,
I am installing the freepbx distro on VMware workstation. My host machine is WIndows7. FreePBX-4.211.64-i386-Full-1384947526.iso is the distro I have downloaded from freepbx website.
I have installed it on VMware. however I havnt got any error during installation
but I am getting APACHE default page after I put the IP address of guest machine.
FreePBX distro version-FreePBX-4.211.64-i386-Full-1384947526.iso
VMware workstation version:-VMware workstation ACE edition 6.0.2 build-59824

Please help me…i am not getting how to tackle this issue. I am not getting the configuration page for freepbx. Getting APACHE default page instead.
thank you!

Your guest VM needs to have proper internet access before you start the install process.

Hi thank you… Guest machine is having a proper internet access…i did followed the steps given and everything happening like that only…but after installation instead of getting the FREEPBX configuration page I am getting only APACHE default page. Is there any wrong path assigned somewhere?

i have a same issue after installation,i have also installed on Virtual machine so many time but problem is, freepbx conf page not showing and apache server wellcome page comes up. i have also disable that page but still facing same issue.
please me in this regard. thanks in advance

  • i have a proper internet connectivity . no issue about internet.

Take a look in the FreePBX installation log. I am sure you will find that the install script could not find the mirror and download FreePBX. It’s in the firstboot script. DNS or Internet access are the only reasons this would happen.