How to ignore calls, that they can be accepted on other clients


I have a new SIP phone number and I want to set it up so that an audio file is played when calls are received outside my office hours. However, during my working hours, I would like freepbx/asterisk to ignore the call completely, that the phones can accept incoming Calls from other SIP-Clients, which are using the same SIP configuration from the provider, as I added it to freePBX.

For the time conditions, I need a ‘do nothing’ option for when the destination does not match. Is there a workaround for this?

First, try Terminate Call → Busy. I would guess that if one device reports busy, your provider will continue ringing the others.

If that doesn’t work, create an Announcement consisting of (for example) 60 seconds of silence. Set Don’t Answer Channel to Yes. Set Destination after Playback to take a voicemail, or as desired.

If that also doesn’t meet your need, see

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