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How-To Guide for Google Voice with Freepbx 14 & asterisk gvsip, Ubuntu 18.04

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(Tom Ray) #528

So serious question here. How long will people continue to actively try and bypass GV’s security/network policies for their “free service”? Along with violating GV’s ToS?

As someone who has been building/engineering SIP networks for providers/LECs for almost 15 years, GV is actively locking down their SIP network as the months roll on. Sure this is GV “working out the bugs/kinks” as some have commented but the issue here is boys and girls, kids of all ages. You are the bugs/kinks they are working out.

This latest move with TLS is another step in securing the network. Now I see the answer is to use “donated” key/crt pairs, creating a fake CA cert, setting up NAT port rules via iptables, installing/running sslsplit to make it work and the most important step: hope GV doesn’t block this.

So again, how long will this go on? This has really gone from “Oh let’s see if I can make it work” to “I’m actively figuring out how to get around each new security step GV is rolling out to do things against their ToS”.



are you saying that we’re kind of hacking or bypassing google security etc…? I personally have been using google voice for around 10 years. And I do pay money since I make calls overseas. Google voice is working just fine on my cell phone but would like to use the same service on my home asterisk phone system as well. You don’t want to have another provider, deal with another set of bills etc… It is just convenient to have it.

Thank you,

(Tom Ray) #530

Except that using third party devices violates Google Voice’s ToS. Doesn’t matter if you pay or not (keep in mind the majority don"t).

So yes, if GV is actively trying block third party connections/devices and you are actively finding ways around it, you are “hacking it” and violating the ToS.

(Andrew Nagy) #531

And now Google is aware and confirms that this VIOLATES the TOS

(TheJames) #532