How to group 2 extensions to behave like one (Webrtc & hardware phone)

I have the following problem.

I’m using Odoo ERP and I want to have the ability to use it’s VOIP integration in pararell with my yealink phone.

I wanted to connect both webrtc and yealink as a single extensions using max_contacts in pjsip but it turns out that it doesn’t work with 2 different protocols (webrtc and UDP) so I’ve ditched this idea.

I’ve configured 2 extensions:
812 - yealink extension
8120 - webrtc extension according to odoo documentation

and changed the dial:
in 812 extension to PJSIP/812&PJSIP/8120
in 8120 extension to PJSIP/812&PJSIP/8120

It allowed me to get the popup with incoming call in odoo regardless of which extension I’m dialing.

The problem is that whenever I answer the call on my yealink I get the notification in odoo about missed call.

Is there any way to make 2 extensions (812 and 8120) to behave like one.


  1. I’m answering the yealink desk phone and the webrtc extensions behaves like I’m during the phone call (it allows me to make notes in crm etc.)
  2. I’m dialing a phone number in Odoo and my deskphone rings and I’m also able to see the progress of a phone call in Odoo (webrtc). When I hangup on yealink it also mirrors this behaviour in webrtc.

Basically I want to mirror the behaviour of both extensions. Is it even possible?

I’ve tried the solution from this topic but it doesn’t help me to achieve what I want

I would be greatfull for any help @lgaetz

Thanks in advance!

Does this post help at all?

Thanks for the hint but it doesn’t help with the problem that when the call is answered on the hardware phone the webrtc extension shows missed call notification :-/ Any other suggestions?

There’s a dial option lower case c that will send a hangup cause as “answered elsewhere” if the call is cancelled before answered. If your webrtc client honors the answered elsewhere flag, that would be the only way I could think of to suppress displaying a missed call.

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