Also ring WebRTC extension when primary extension (PJSIP) rings

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Does anyone (@lgaetz ?) have a custom dialplan example which I can implement in the extensions_custom.conf file to also ring a WebRTC extension together with a primary extensions… without using the follow-me/ring group function?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Why? What are you trying to accomplish?

The main extension has a mobile number in the follow-me… which can be enabled/disabled seperately.

What about upping the max contacts on the PJSIP extension to 2 and then register both devices as the “main” extension?

One extension is a “standard” PJSIP extension, registered on an IP Phone… the other one is a WebRTC extension.

You would have to modify the dial string on the advanced tab for the primary extension. You can separate multiple devices with an & character, so changing the dial string for ext 6006 to ring both 6006 and 776006 would look like:


You can also use a format of Local/[email protected] but that’s probably not what you want for this use case.

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That’s exactly what I need @lgaetz !
One issue I noticed: When I also set die dial string in the secondary extension to “PJSIP/44511&PJSIP/4451”… and I make a call towards 44511… the follow-me of 4451 (primary ext) is not ringing.
When calling directly to 4451, the follow-me is ringing correctly.

Does this ring a bell on your side?

When you set the dial string as PJSIP/4451 its only going to ring that specific device if there’s an associated contact. If you wish to use all the FreePBX dialplan for that extension including FMFM, voicemail failover, call forwarding, etc., then you want to use local/[email protected] instead.

@lgaetz you are still a true genius :wink: Works perfect! Thanks again for your help.

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