How to erase a notification in freepbx?

Warning: The use of weak SIP/IAX passwords can compromise this system resulting in toll theft of your telephony service. You should change the reported devices and trunks to use strong secrets.

This and any kind of these notifications may bother u, which may create many days ago in your servers.
These notification may not delete automatically even if u solve the issue.
Here is how to delete them.
You should check the list of that first:

[root@freepbx ~]# fwconsole notification --list
| Module    | ID              | Text                                               |
| freepbx   | VULNERABILITIES | There are 7 modules vulnerable to security threats |
| fax       | invalid_email   | Invalid Email for Inbound Fax                      |
| firewall  | 1               | Intrusion detection handling method                |
| framework | BROWSER_STATS   | Collecting Anonymous Browser Stats                 |

I’m going to delete intrusion detection notification using this command:
fwconsole notifications --delete

[root@freepbx ~]# fwconsole notification --delete firewall 1
Deleting notification
Notification Deleted

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