1 extension/trunk has weak secret


On my FreePBX 12.0.1rc20 System Status panel I can see a warning message:
1 extension/trunk has weak secret

Warning: The use of weak SIP/IAX passwords can compromise this system
resulting in toll theft of your telephony service. You should change
the reported devices and trunks to use strong secrets.

SIP Trunk: sipprovider / Secret less than 6 digits

I did have this trunk configured but deleted it but system still detects it.
Where do I need to check for information related to the trunks that may be causing this behavior?

Thank you in advance

Click in the red x to delete the message.


I did but message comes back every page reload.
Obviously it still sees this trunk somewhere.

I have the exact same issue.
Did someone solve it?

If you’re into checking things by hand, you can check the database for the information.

It should be relatively easy to find in MySQL, and you can delete it by hand from there. You can also “grep secretnumber /etc/asterisk/*” to see if it’s laying around in there somewhere.

Thank you Dave.

In fact I was able to resolve this issue by deleting the respective line inside the ‘notifications’ table inside MySql.

Note: If someone wants to do the same I suggest creating a new extension with the same number. Next the extension should be deleted. This will confirm that the extension really did not exist.

Here is how to delete notifications in freepbx: