How to embed custom fields for recording file name into sip header

(CJ) #1

Hi guys i am currently looking for a way to embed a file name for recordings to be tracked via a external application, it requires some custom fields into the sip header to track the calls live as well and save the recordings and meta data. Anyone that knows if this is possible or not using free-PBX ?

(Dave Burgess) #2

Of course it is, but you need to be more specific.

Call recordings are identified by type (internal, external, etc), extension, destination number, date, time, and a unique ID that differentiates calls within a single server. If you have any two of those, you should be able to get pretty close.

The easiest way I’ve ever found was to post-process the CDR records for called number and time, but there are LOTS of other ways to handle that.

(CJ) #3

Hi Dave thanks for your reply what i am trying to do is to add X-Info2:[FileName] which will be the location of the recordings into the sip header for the external app to be able to retrieve this data.Any idea as to where to input this data or if it is possable as my understanding is that freePBX overwrites some files.

(David55) #4

That’s a custom header, not a custom field, which is possible, but only at the start of the call.

There are many forum topics on this, but this is one: