How to disable the default changes when click on "Apply Config"

Hi all,

I am a totally newbie and am trying to follow the examples in the book “Asterisk The Definitive Guide”

The file that i am touching on are “extensions_custom.conf” which has the context “LocalSets”.

So in the file “sip_additional.conf” i have changed the context from “from-internal” to “LocalSets” in order to follow the examples of the book.

The dialplan works initially until i hit on the “Apply Config” red button and this will change the context back to “from-internal”

How could we disable the default changes that will be initiated by the action of clicking on the “Apply Config” button?

Thanks in advance.


There is a note at the top of the sip_additional.conf that explains why this is happening.

Adding a new context in sip_custom.conf should make your problem better.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the pointer.

Will into that in a bit.