How to delete unused users in user manager

we are runnning FreePBX and asterisk 13.19.1, FreePBX firmware 12.7.4-1804-2.sng7

when we upgraded to 14, we somehow ended up with lots of old users that don’t have extensions assigned to them. i want to delete them but can’t figure out how (there is no delete option for these users). it there any way to delete these?

Can you post a screenshot? I see a delete button on users not linked to an extension

nothing is there to delete the user AND what is worse if I try to edit it I can’t change anything

I will try to paste a picture

Are you using AD. If so your AD had to delete them.

no we are not using AD. these were once users on the system which i thought we deleted a long time ago. the upgrade seems to have brought them back.

In User Management, Users tab, select a directory. You can then add or delete users at will. You may have surplus directory(ies) as well.

that works for the directory called “imported freepbx directory”, but I select the one called “imported voicemail directory” it does show all these users I want to delete but there is simply no delete button or icon for these users.

so no other thoughts?

Bug report with pictures and arrows and things it would appear.

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A voicemail directory authenticates users based on extension number and voicemail PIN. You can’t add/remove users from this directory, they are automatically sync’d from the local voicemail configuration. If you do not wish to use vm PIN authentication, just remove the directory.

If these are reflected from the voicemail config, would deleting the entries from the voicemail directory tree delete these entries? If so, I smell a “Feature Request”.

Yes, they should, tho I haven’t tested. When enabling a VM directory, you define the poll interval, so there will be a lag between vm changes and directory changes.


So, suppose someone like @bksales wanted to delete a bunch of Users and needed that delete to cascade, with a “whoa, sport, not so fast” warning, to include deleting VM directories. Would it be a reasonable step to assume that something like that could be added to the “Delete local user” process?

The Active Directory/LDAP users are an entirely separate issue, I’d think, but perhaps someone with a dog in that hunt might be able to submit a Feature Request asking for a cascading VM Directory Delete upon deletion of a user’s account.

There is an implied 3rd Normal Form delete anomaly I’m sure we want to avoid (since it’s not unreasonable to leave a VM box intact for an extension even after the user associated with that extension is deleted), but I’m sure the judicious application of a question or two could work it out.

i managed to delete the voicemail directory and eventually the old users disappeared. thanks for the suggestion

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Any documentation on AD integration?

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