How to Create an Inbound Route with Multiple Extensions

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I was wondering if there is a way to create and inbound route with multiple extensions. Currently I can only have one extension per route, and I dont really want to create 20+ routes because our office has 20 extensions.
When I try to add the number to the DID field in the extension it says “Route or extension already in use”

Does anyone have any advice?

I have two phones with one number. As per a recommendation from the gurus here, I created a ring group to ring both phones when the number is called. First phone to pick up wins. Alternatively, I understand you can do extension hunting as well, ring phone 1, then 2, etc. until someone picks it up.

This (FreePBX) is designed to be a PBX (Private Branch Exchange), you can’t have two “phones” with one number each “phone” needs to be a unique extension. You can have “endpoints” e.g. a “ring group” that calls multiple extensions. Please read and comprehend the documentation for FreePBX, currently the wiki here, it will save you trying to force a “square peg” (Key System) into this “round hole”.

Obviously I have read but do not comprehend the documentation, which is why I had to ask. Also, things would be easier if the documentation was written in layman English, and did not include a ridiculous amount of acronyms. Ive read everything I can find, and Im still lost.

Now, Im not trying to have two phones with one number. As I previously stated Im trying to get one route to have multiple extensions, but it wont let me. It says- Destination- Extensions-(but then I can only choose one extension).
When I try to create a different extension with a DID it says its already in use. I tried to create another route, one for each extension, but it tells me the number is already in use.
So, how do you set up multiple extensions for one number?
I dont want all phones ringing at the same time, and I dont want PBX testing one, then trying another. We have an office line, and need extensions for accounting, technical support, customer service, etc. You should be able to dial the office number, come to a menu that asks you to select/dial an extension, and then be routed to the correct physical phone- with all extensions being on one number because there is only one office phone line. But I can only put one extension on the route, cant create another route with the same number, and cant put the number in as the DID when creating the extension because “Route or extension is already in use”.
So, how do you have multiple extensions on one route? Without them all ringing at once, or without PBX calling them one by one till someone picks up.

Since by your own admission you don’t understand the jargon, you need to accurately describe what you want to do. ‘How do you have multiple extensions on one route?’ means nothing to us. I think you are asking how to direct inbound calls to an IVR, i.e. a recording prompts the caller which extension they wish to talk to. Is this correct?

Also when you reply, please try to use “jargon”, after all you signed on to this project, and most of us don’t think it to be “ridiculous”.

I had friend once that wanted a computer that had one key that did what he wanted when he pressed it. I’m still working on that one . . .

So, you have an inbound route, on this inbound route you assign as DID. At the bottom of the screen you can assign a destination.
Destination- Extensions (plural)- but then you can only pick one extension.
What I need to happen is have one inbound route (phone number (000)1234567) with several extensions (extensions 1- technical support, 2- accounting, 3- customer service, 4- operator). However, you can only assign the inbound route one extension (as I said, at the bottom- Destination-ExtensionS-select one.)
If you create multiple extensions and enter a DID(in this case (000)1234567) ((You can do this in order to avoid the need for an incoming route (as the forum says)), it will only allow you to create one extension for that DID. The system can only create one extension per incoming route/DID (000 1234567). This is an issue because we only have that one number, but multiple extensions.
If I try to create all extensions and manually enter the DID it says “route or extension already in use”.

But generally, yes, We want customers to call the phone line, and for them to get routed to a recording that asks them to input an extension- as I earlier said “You should be able to dial the office number, come to a menu that asks you to select/dial an extension, and then be routed to the correct physical phone”- but how?

I have an inbound/incoming route that only allows one extension. And when other extensions are created they cannot use the same DID.

Not meaning to sound harsh, or rude, but I was assigned this as a work project. This is my first interaction with this, and, as a new commer (sp?), I can easily say that the forum/technical support jargin/speech is not user friendly, but is instead highly confusing and frustrating.
It is much easier to explain technical issues in layman than jargin. I was simply making an observation, which is valid, but do sincerely apologize for that attitude it portrayed. I really REALLY do appreciate the help.

And what does IVR mean?

You want an IVR, which stands for interactive voice response (or virtual receptionist) which Google will tell you. In FreePBX, Applications, IVR module allows you to set this up.

Frustration is understandable, we have all been there.

When you read through the Wiki, you have no remembrance of “IVR”? You should try going through it again. . .

No, I recognize the acronym, I just wanted to know what it stood for.
lgaetz- Thank you so so much for your help. The jargon just really really confuses me. Im so not accustomed to it.
Thanks!!! A lot.

It’s all mostly in the Wiki, for example:-
the first sentence:-

“The IVR Module is used to set-up a menu system that will play an initial recording to callers and then allow them to dial an option or an extension number and have their call routed to a particular location based upon what they dial.”

Dicko-I think you have beat the guy into submission.

OP - Are you using the inbound route module? I know the extension lets you put a DID in but that’s just one part. Use inbound routes and send to a ring group or the IVR (menu). The IVR is just a collection of destinations that can be selected from a menu. Make sure you have a recording done before you go to create the IVR or you will be more confused.

Wanted to point out that this is incorrect on asterisk 12. For future knowledge you can have multiple devices registered to the same extension

Excellent! How does one set that up in FreePBX ?


  1. I am using an inbound route
  2. Thanks for the advice concerning the recording, If I already created the IVR, I can just create a recording anyway? Or do I have to delete the IVR, create a recording and then create a new IVR?
  3. Yea, Im ignoring him.
  4. Thanks for the FYI, and I appreciate the help. :smiley:

Does everyone assume Im a dude?

Seriously. I realized that in order to make a recording I have to add a phone (obviously). But how do I do that. In the Extensions- EndPoint Manager section- MAC- I add the MAC and hit save, but it disappears and doesnt stay. Is there another way to add the MAC of the device? (It says it must be registered in Asterik, but I cannot figure out how to do that), I tried searching the WIKI, but I got no where, and After 2 hours I just thought Id ask.

And Dicko, please dont be mean about it if you respond. Im just looking for help.

Right? Which is 25$

No intention to be mean, just hope you will eventually RTFM, it really is mostly all there especially the very basic stuff you are tripping over ;-).

For example:-

will show you how to add an extension, just match the extension number and password (and PBX IP) on the phone, be that hard or soft, absolutely no need to be more complicated. . . .