How to configure two FXS only for internal use

Beginner here. After failing to compile/install an Asterisk server trying multiple linux distros, versions of dahdi, and versions of Asterisk, 10.13.66-21 of FreePBX installed, ran, and recognized my Atcom AXE400P-20 with two FXSs the first time! Yay!

Now my problem is no dial tone. Do I need an FXO for Asterisk to generate one, or can I configure the system for internal use only generating a dial tone without an outgoing line? Where in the documentation should I start? I just want two vintage pots modems (think Winmodem/ USR Sportsters) hooked up to vintage computers to dial each other using extensions.

When properly configured, an FXS port will generate dialtone for an analog phone. Plug the device in, when it goes off hook you hear the tone on the handset.

Excellent! Thanks for the reply. I guess I’m looking for help with:

I’ve installed SNG7-FPBX-64bit-2002-2 and I’m still in the same boat. FreePBX can see the two FXSs but no dial tone. I’ve made no configuration changes since re-install. This is a clean install. I guess my question is:

What’s the minimum level of configuration required to get a dial tone verifying the Wildcard TDM400P compatible hardware is not bad? I’ll figure out the rest.


Figured it out by disabling all supported hardware types save my own.

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