How does the upgrade-to-13 process treat D&U configurations?

Sorry if this is repeated… I thought I asked this before, but alas cannot find it: (or maybe I have asked, what happens if I switch from D&U back to E mode…)

I use Devices & Users mode all over the place (out of what I perceived a necessity at the time of installation);

How does the upgrade-to-FreePBX-13 process treat D&U configurations, when encountered?

@el_es The Upgrade to FreePBX 13 from FreePBX 12 will upgrade you without issue and you will not loose any of your D&U settings. It’s fully supported and will honor your current configuration.

same thanks to user +Samot on IRC :wink:

somehow, when FreePBX 13 was released, I was looking about into upgrade process and some articles/posts at the time suggested D&U wasn’t supported any more in 13… glad it’s not the case :wink:

Device and User is not officially supported by FreePBX, and that hasn’t changed for several versions. New features and releases may not necessarily be tested against D&U configurations, and there is no guarantee that anything that works now will continue to work in future releases.

That said, the devs are responsive to issues filed by D&U users, and the project strives to maintain existing functionality where feasible. This was demonstrated a few days ago when a recent change to hints affected the ability of D&U users to direct dial an extension from the IVR. Once the issue was eventually identified, it was fixed within days.

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Good to have an answer from you @lgaetz :wink:

But otherwise, I can actually switch from D&U to E mode, and the Devices will be converted to Extensions correctly ? Cause then, it makes it possible for me, to switch to pjsip and use the muli-registration feature of that, to convert to something that /is/ officially supported, after I upgrade to 13 ?