How does our fax to e-mail work?

I am new to our organization and we have extremely limited knowledge of our FreePBX installation that we have. We are trying to gain an understanding of how we are receiving faxes through this solution.

What we know is the following:

  • We have a PRI line provided to us by CenturyLink that connects into the server running FreePBX using an ethernet cable.
  • We have a range of phone numbers that we use for faxing. The calls for those phone numbers are delivered over this PRI line. (We know this because we can see those calls showing up when we run a CDR report in FreePBX.)
  • The faxes that get sent to us though over this PRI, actually do not print out on a fax machine. They get delivered by e-mail. For example, say our phone number is 123-456-7999, then 999 would be the extension per se. We have a group created in Active Directory and the name of that group is “999”. We have users added to that group. Somehow, the FreePBX software is configured to capture the fax and send it to that AD Group e-mail. We cannot determine where this configuration is in the system though and we feel like we have looked everywhere.

Can anyone provide assistance on how we can track this connection/settings down in FreePBX?

Are you guys using Fax Pro?

If not, typical faxes by email are being sent to a “Fax User” which can be managed in User Management, so I guess the SysAdmin synced AD with User Management, and pointed the Inbound Route to this Fax User, and the actual adding/removing members are in AD.

Take a look at the Inbound Route where that Fax Number is pointed to.

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