How does FreePBX send emails?

I am testing FreePBX on a Raspberry Pi, Users have email addresses saved however, when testing Voice Mail it seems zero emails are getting out.

Does FreePBX come with the ability to send email on it’s own or does it require an email server to be installed separately.

I am not sure if the Rapsberry Pi version is different from a regular version of FreePBX.

Depends if it’s the Freepbx distro or some other install and also on how old your version is.

Mine would be FreePBX for the Raspberry Pi with the Asterisk back end V13.17.1.

It seems odd that FreePBX would be ported to the Pi and not have the ability to send mail or have a server installed that it could use.

Am I correct in that a regular version of FreePBX would have an SMPT server installed already?

Email has nothing to do with FreePBX. Emails are handled by your operating system. FreePBX has nothing to do with porting to PI. That was done by a outside organization.

If you used our Distro you would have a email server that worked but our Distro is X86 only no support for Arm

You could have easily stopped the sentence there.

On the mail thing - it depends on what mail program is in use on the RasPBX distro. We use a Sendmail clone that sets up the mail sending stuff pretty easily. It seems to me that RasPBX does the same. Unfortunately, setting up Email is it’s own set of dark magic, including SPAM filtering, allowed hosts to connect to servers, and firewall issues. You’re going to need to look at the logs (both mail and Asterisk …/full) in order to hope to start to figure out your specific situation.

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postfix , search internet, many articles could teach how to make it.

There’s not such thing to port FreePBX to the Raspberry Pi. FreeBPX can be installed under Raspbian as with other OS.

Regarding the MTA question: You can use postfix, and it is easy to install.

More information in the FreePBX Email Setup article.

No longer applies as access to the email server settings are now only in the Commercial Module.

For anyone experiencing similar issues that I have encountered with the Raspberry Pi version of FreePBX this article was the ONLY source of information the successfully and easily resolved the issue while others failed.

In particular the “SSMTP” setup using GMail as the SMTP server.

I see, thus the objective is to set up an MTA with GMail, maybe the article “Setting up SSMTP with GMail” helps further here.

The caveat to any MTA as a rely to Gmail is covered at the bottom of

(you NEED to ensure “less secure apps”) otherwise all those recipes for any MTA should all work just fine

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