How do you request new models for commercial Endpoint Manager in 2024?

I know it used to be that you’d file a ticket with freePBX, now I’ve got a SIP-T44W (the wireless version of SIP-T44U) and the latest version of the commerical EPM but that model isn’t here. It seems using SIP-T43U is working fine, and honestly I feel like a wiki article maintained by the community of “this phone isn’t listed, but using this model works” would be fantastic since it seems Yealink comes out with phones and customers paying for EPM aren’t necessarily considered important enough to receive updates for those phones. I’d love even a “unsupported, but here’s a line item for that model with the new config lines like wifi name just so you can get going” option, a beta track if you will.

Not trying to be rude, just frustrated.

If it is ‘working fine’, what more do you feel entitled to?

It’s a WiFi enabled phone and usually you can provision the SSID and password, the T43U does not have that. Plus there may be other issues I haven’t found due to the differences. Honestly, as far as entitled, I would just like the ability to solve it myself, adding a phone model and its associated basefile fields.

Also, the W70B was released in 2021 and is still not in the late 2023 version of EPM, what’s up with that? I think the W60B works for it but it’s not ideal.

It is for the manufacturer to ask for and supply methods for devices to be added, Sangoma mostly does not arbitrarily add third party devices. Maybe call the manufacturer first?

FYI, you can configure a W60B in EPM & just specify the MAC address of a W70B & the resulting config will work the same way.

Not everyone who pays (again, this is a paid product, and I may not be requesting that it do my taxes and give me a backrub, but if I have to pay yearly to get updates I’d like to, you know, get updates) is going to know that, though. I am sure you’re correct that it will work, but if W70B = W60B, why not just add an alias name so that dummies can use the service.

I wish I could update the FreePBX wiki and add maybe a product matrix with details like, for W70B use W60B, so that there’s at least some documentation on what works.

It seems @billsimon is trying to resume work on the OSS EPM, and if that accepts user contributions to add these unsupported devices, it could pull ahead of the commercial EPM.

Not really. At the beginning of last year I was playing around with it, and hacked it into working with PHP 7.4 and FreePBX 16, then posted it on github and the folks at Incredible PBX have been using it. But I’m not actively working on it now and have no plans to. There’s a lot of tech debt to pay to get it in step with current versions of FreePBX and the phone models in it are all ancient.

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@lgaetz Do you think it’s doable to add this new model. I imagine it should not take a big effort to add it if there is only one field for SSID.

I mean most the T-4x phones support wifi with a dongle attached. Most T-5xs are the same if the wifi isn’t built into the model. So it really shouldnt be too much effort to add these to the profiles.

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We periodically touch base with the various manufacturers that EPM supports. Whether we add a new supported model is largely up to them.

New feature requests for commercial modules can be filed using methods on this page:

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