How do i make one extension to register at multiple locations

Here is an example:

Created extension 1002 and registered it on a ‘ATA’ located in New York, NY with DID 212-000-000
Registered same extension on my x-lite at Chicago, IL extension 1002 and did 212-000-0000
Registered same extension on a soft phone or other at Los Angeles, ca extn 1002 and did 212-000-0000

Now by doing this I am getting calls only on the last extension registered with the server. The extension at other places does not work unless registered but others fail.

Let me know the way around it without creating new extension and making same extension register at multiple locations and all ring and can be answered with unlimited channels.

If I get you right, you want a single extension number to ring in three different places. This is not possible do do directly.

Say you want extension 1002 to ring at 3 different locations. You’ll need to set up a separate extension at each location. (example: New York 11002, Chicago 21002, Some other location 31002, and LAX 41002). In setting up these extensions, if you want these to appear as coming from extension 1002 for an internal call, put 1002 in the CID Num Alias field. That’s near the top of the extension setup page. If you want any external call to appear that it’s coming from 212-000-0000,(assuming your dial tone provider allows you to do this) put the DID in the Outbound CID field.


Create ring group 1002 and seat each of the above extensions as destinations for ring group 1002. Pay careful attention to the ring strategy to get the effect you want.


Create an inbound route for 212-000-0000 that points to ring group 1002.

That’s all there is to it.
Let me know if you need further info.


I had a system from my ex voip provider which was on asterisk not sure whether it was freepbx but following was possible :

Example New York extn 11002 could be registered on a Ata device as well as a soft phone and multiple other soft phones at the same time. I had a choice whether I want to answer the phone which came to my extension 11002 on my softphone or the Ata or my softphone in my cell phone or on my office desk or my home, I could be on anyplace and registered on same user name and password at multiple locations and all phonew would ring and all would be able to attend incoming and make outgoing call. I had just 1 extension, 1 username, 1 password for any number of phones register and answer call anywhere anyphone.

The username was not a number it was an alphanumeric id. Let me if you know other system or something to be added in freepbx to make it possible.

You need to look at user mode vs device mode

I researched and looks like that’s the answer to the solution, can you send me step by step procedure or a link explaining details on woek to get it working, I m new to freepbx…thanks…