How do I change queue numbers please?

Hello, I was wondering how I go about changing the direct dial number for a queue - when you create a queue you have to give it a number, I’m surprised that I haven’t noticed a way to change this though - i’m sure there must be an easy way? I have a numbering convention that makes life easy to work out what the queue number is relative to IVR options.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks :smile:

I would see about possibly changing it in the database then do a FreePBX reload (amportal a reload).

There isn’y any way in the FreePBX UI to do it, that I’m aware of.

Otherwise, you can just create a new queue.

There’s probably a reason why there isn’t the option to change to queue number in the UI because of other things it may break such as the auto-generated queue login hints and anything that uses that queue number as a destination. Creating a new queue and moving everything is probably considered to be a safer alternative.

It wasnt written to allow this. Changing it in the database will break things dont do that. Your option at this point is to create another. There arw a few components that do not allow changes. We are lioing to address this probably in 14. It is a huge plumbing change

Thanks for the replies on this! Is there a way of duplicating queues, say you have 100, there must be a better way than sitting there and manually creating each one from scratch?

Thanks :slightly_smiling: