How can we renew a SangomaConnect license without having to call support?

The SangomaConnect license renewal system is broken, and has been for over a year. It allows the purchase, takes the money, claims its updating the system with the new license, but it doesn’t. Ever.

Every. Single. Time. We have to open a case, call support, explain the situation, get transferred around several times…it’s 30+ plus minutes every time.

We’ve tried purchasing through the portal directly and through the GUI on the deployment…same thing happens.

And it’s been like this for over a year.

Does anyone have a procedure for this that actually results in the license being renewed automatically?

And to add salt to the wound, I can’t open case right now. This is what I see on the first screen:

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Hi there @FreerPBXer. As a heads up and to anyone listening, when checking out for new softphones, please be aware of these two options- add and renew. While not the most elegant approach, selecting add increases the user count, whereas renewing extends the existing license/user count for another year. If you’ve checked out and this isn’t working, you’ve likely selected the wrong option (It’s easy to do). As a follow-up, just know that we are releasing a new wizard that will ensure this problem doesn’t keep repeating itself.

Here’s a picture: add vs renew

That said, I wanted to address the comments about getting in touch with FreePBXers here at Sangoma. My team is available M-F 9-5 EDT. If you’re looking for customer service from experts who know FreePBX, be sure to hit the phone number listed on or inside your these ring directly to the OS team.

Thanks for using FreePBX


Mike, VP Open Source

Thanks, Mike, but no. That’s not what’s happening. Renew NEVER results in the deployment getting updated. We have to call in every single time.

Hi again,

Anything is possible, but please remember, this is a mature product with massive user-base. If renewals were impacted for all, I would know about it.

That said, I’m happy to trace the path of your ticket. This combined with your feedback are valuable and I would like to help. PM Sent

We’ve been deploying and supporting FreePBX since just before the demise of Trixbox. In that time we’ve had Schmooze/Sangoma/etc. acknowledge a bug we reported a grand total of once. That was this year, that ticket has been sitting unattended since April 14. Unless it stops production we’ve stopped reporting things because it hasn’t ever gotten anything fixed.

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You’re in good company – I’ve been working with the project since Asterisk @home. My company .e4 was acquired by Sangoma under the direction of Tony from Schmooze – I’m old school and fortunate to lead these projects.

Please keep my direct contact 855-GET-MIKE, [email protected] - Call me directly if you need help. Also, pease share your bug report and/or tickets.