How can I use my extension to listen to voice messages?

Hi,How can I use my extension to listen to voice messages? What is the default voice mail number of FreePBX? Thanks for your reply.

*97 retrieves messages for your extension.
*98 prompts for mailbox number and password.

Dear Stewart,
Thanks for your reply.
But *97 & *97 maybe is to setup the mailbox program not to pick up the message from someone leave to me.

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No, they are how you access the voicemail application. To either manage or retrieve your voicemail.

You’ve used voicemail before right? It’s nothing new.

Dear Tom Ray,
Someone call my extension, but my extension is busy, so he leave a message for me,how do I listen to the messages?

You dial *97 or *98 and follow the prompts. It is no different than checking voicemail on any other system.

Dear Tom Ray.

Thank you.
I have to follow the prompts so that I can hear the message.

Dear Tom Ray.

Can the prompt tone be set to other Language-Chinese?

You need to add the language package for Chinese. I have no idea if there is one.

Dear Tom Ray.

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