How can I receive calls with UCP phone?

I am testing UCP phone feature by following the below document, so far I am able to dial from UCP, but for some reason, I can not receive the call from UCP phone. (no ring or indication on UCP)

Is this expected?

Also, is there a way for UCP phone to have its own extension? (currently, UCP phone uses already registered extension with 99 in front of it, I am thinking it will be nice if UCP phone register by itself when the user logged in UCP with dedicated extension…)

Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:


  • Asterisk: 13.24.1
  • Freepbx:

You can also use multiple concurrent endpoints on the same extension with PJSIP and simply use X-Lite, Bria, or Zoiper. Just some alternatives to check out.

With the above setup you can have a desk phone and soft phone ring simultaneously and be able to make and pickup calls from either.

Hi Waldrondigital,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am currently deploying those softphone solutions, but updating / maintaining those software can be hectic. (starting a couple of weeks ago, Jitsi started to have one-way call issue, I am seeking for an alternative solution. Desirably browser solution is easy for maintenance perspective.)

By looking at asterisk console, I observed 99+extension number was used for establishing a call, then I started to wonder is there a way to register the extension without having actual phone / softphone so that UCP phone can use the extension to make / receive a call. (well, my UCP phone doesn’t ring, that is an another reason, I guess…)

Yeah, guess my reply is pretty off topic then. I’m sure someone from Sangoma will chime in to help you.

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