How can I insert a pause in outdialing

I have a Grandstream GXW4104 that I have connected to two FXS lines from a PBX. This is a Hospital PBX and my Freepbx is at an affiliated Dr’s office. They use the FXS lines to dial 4 digit extensions to the hospital back and forth. That is working fine. They used to press a line key on the old system and get dialtone from the hospital and then dial. Today they are asking if they can just dial 0 to go to the operator at the hospital so they can have someone paged. I called the hospital engineering dept (the people responsible for their phone system) and all I could get from them is an extension number for the operator that is an ivr. If you wait or dial 0 then you get to the operator. I have tried to setup a speedial on a phone using:

Both get a call failed. Any ideas? Is there an “Operator” function in Freepbx that I can use to get the caller to the operator at the other system? I found the settings to do that from Voicemail boxes.

Thanks in Advance

I did some more digging and I setup a Ring group (extension # of 0) with the Hospital extension in as a member dialing 1101# That gets me to the ivr, is there any way to take this all the way to the operator herself? I would need to dial 0 after the ivr answers.

I have had some success doing this by creating a custom extension and in the “Dial” box putting something like this:


My trunks are DAHDI trunks.

The thing you want to do is to mimic your outdial command as they appear in the asterisk CLI when you dial a number. You then have to put the appropriate number of w’s which would be determined experimentally.