Inserting a "pause" in an ouside extension

I am new to the world of freepbx, and Linux in general, but am learning as quickly as I can. I have a similar problem referenced in the following post.

Where I am currently stuck is when the person who provided a solution says to use CLI to view your outdial command, I can’t figure out what to do. I have used the “core show help” command and can’t find a command that fits.

I will post a brief description below of what I am trying to accomplish, and if there is a better way than the path I am heading down, your advise would be greatly appreciated.

I am an independent sales rep for several factories. I get calls to a single number form my customers who may be calling about products from one of the three factories I represent. Each factory has its own PBX system which I do not have access to, and none of them have direct dial extensions which necessitates a call into the main pbx number, then a pause, then the dialing of the extension.

I aspire to create an ivr that allows my customer to be diverted directly to their customer service rep at a given factory. If I just dump them in the dial by name directory, I’ll upset them. I need to be able to connect them directly to their CS Rep who is at a given extension.

My plan thus far is to setup a custom extension, queue, or misc destination for each CS rep and incorporate those into my IVR.

Based on the search queries I tried, I believe the solution posed above, with a dial string similar to
"DAHDI/g0/6016312995wwww12345" will work. Except I don’t use DAHDI trunks, I use a sip trunk and don’t really understand yet what this command means :smile:

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Ok I accidentally figured out the first part of my question, I had cli open and made a call and it populated after I dialed. No command needed. I’m sure most expierinced people know this, but if another NOOB like me stumbles across this post, hope that will help.

Now on to my next issue, I found the following sequences:

So I created a custom extension, and in the custom technology dial I tried the following strings
SIP/“SipTrunkName”-0000000f/1616XXXXXXXwwww123 (with 123 being the extension I wanted to hit)

SIP/“SipTrunkName”/1616XXXXXXXwwww123 (with 123 being the extension I wanted to hit)

Both resulted in a quick ring, then fast busy signal.

Any help or tweaks from here would be greatly appriciated

Sip doesn’t work like analog/tdm lines, it will not wait for more signaling, my guess is that for seemless call flow, you will need to setup DISA on the system that answers you calls and post process the dtmf 's there in that context, you can of course interactively process the call’s signaling otherwise in a more traditional custom context

Thanks for the info, I was able to accomplish this using the following string: