Hotel Style Wake Up Call announces wrong time

When I call *68 and press 2 to listen to the list of my wakeup calls, it says the wrong time. It’s 8 hours off.

On the Hotel Style Wakeup Calls webpage it shows the correct server time. The wake up call time is correct.

I made sure the PHP timezone was set to America/Vancouver. I even tried setting it to America/Los_Angeles.

Still the wake up call I set for 15:30:00 when I dial in and request the list says it’s set for 23:30:00

For future Googlers I fixed it.
The Linux system time was set wrong on my raspberry pi.
I logged in as root and entered the command: configure-timezone
set the correct timezone
then entered the command: date
to verify that the local computer time was correct.
Then entered the command: fwconsole stop
This shut down Asterisk
Then entered the command: reboot
After the computer restarted, once it was back up I dialed *68 and pressed 2
It now speaks the correct time of the wakup call.

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