Hook Flash FXO port

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I have a setup where an ATA with FXO port is connected to a PSTN analogue line. I can make calls to and from PSTN over the analogue line with no issues (to/from a softphone registered on the Free PBX).

The analogue line has a Call waiting feature on the PSTN switch. When I am on a call (softphone to/from PSTN) a 3rd party from the PSTN calls the analogue line and I can hear a ‘bip’ on the softphone , indicating there is a call waiting (this tone is generated by the public switch).

Now, as I am using a softphone I do not know how to simulate a ‘Hook Flash’ in order to answer the Call waiting. I need to be able to generate and pass the ‘Hook Flash’ to the analogue line (if I am able to do this the public switch will know to answer the 2nd call and put the other party on hold).

I hope the above is clear and make sense.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help


Only the ATA can generate a hook flash, see if it has a feature code for that.

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Agree, but How do I signal from the Softphone via the FreePBX to the ATA to send the hook flash


that would depend on the ATA, on a linksys/cisco its *22 (flash call hold)

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I will check that

Thank You

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I have Obi110 and audiocodes MP-114. *22 does not seems to do the hook flash on these. Any idea what code may work with any of these ATAs.

I have looked at many previous threads for guys who tried this and none seems to have the answer.

Thanks for your help