Holidays and time conditions for multiple queues

I´m setting up FreePBX for our callcenter. We are moving away from 3CX. We currently have 80 customers, each with their own Inbound Route and Queue. I´m contemplating how to implement holiday Time Conditions. Ideally I would like to set the dates for the Holidays just in one instance. I´m aware that I can have each Inbound Route routing the call to it´s own Time Condition, but that means I would need to set up 80 different time conditions. We do not need to have different Holiday settings (all customers share the same Holidays) for different customers. Can you guys point me in the right direction to solve this?

For inbound routes you can use bulk handler, but it does not support time conditions at the moment.

We have all been there, setting up tons of time conditions, and all other options that bulk handler does not support yet.

I myself never had to setup more than 20 time conditions on a single PBX so i believe that some people here who did reach higher numbers can share their experience in making easier the migration process.

Much luck.

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You might consider checking out the Calendar module. It can sometimes be used in place off (but not in conjunction with) Time groups and Time conditions.

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Thank you for your time and the suggestion.

Thank you for suggesting checking out the Calendar. I actually didn´t think of that feature.

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