Help with initial setup

Hello, just set up my first run with FreePBX and am having some trouble getting everything to work, here’s what I’ve done so far:

Dedicated voice vlan and subnet.
Virtual machine running latest release of FreePBX
Using trunk provider with one trunk and DID
Port forwarding enabled to FreePBX box
Testing with Grandstream 1165 phone shows that my PBX is registered, and FreePBX says its registered with
Extension is setup, routed to trunk, DID routed to extenstion
Phone says sip registration ok
Calling in to the DID gets a “number not in service” message
Calling out gets a “call failed” on phone and a fast busy signal.

Where do I begin? What have I missed?

Does your trunk show registered (if using account registration)? If using IP origination, it’s most likely a firewall issue.

It shows registered. However, the red “APPLY CHANGES” button was showing, hit that and inbound calls seem to work. I gotta head to that remote site and see if outbound works as well. Thanks for the input!

Yeah, calls in and out work. Am I safe to assume i have to add an “intracompany” outbound route and place it before my route to my sip provider to allow dialing extension to extension?