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First-time poster…

Running FreePBX13.0.188.8 with all modules updated to latest.

I am attempting to use the Callback application, and it does work for callback (i.e. calls back after the specified period of time), except I want to take it one step further. I want to give the user/caller a chance to input an alternate number to receive a callback on (rather than the CID they are calling from). The callback would direct them to an IVR for further routing.

Desired Flow: Prompt user for callback number> collect digits> read digits to caller> press 1 to confirm> hangup> callback period reached> calls user on confirmed number.

Is this possible using the Callback application?

Is it possible using a combination of any of the applications (I’ve purchased the entire commercial module set)?

Thanks for any insight you can provide. Looking forward to getting to know the community.

Queue callbacks allow you to enter a phone number. I am not sure any others do. This would likely need to be a feature request at

I hate to squash your dreams, but that’s a terrible idea without a LOT of other things happening. here’s why:

Bad actors gets ahold of your phone number and sets up a call from your number to his “99 cents a minute support line”. The 99 cents starts as soon as the phone is answered, and your server is placed in a queue that takes 20 minutes to get through (for example). Someone at the other end picks up the phone and says “Hmmmm - no one’s there” and hangs up. You’re out $20.

Now, let’s say he does that, oh, 20 times.

Every hour,

All weekend.

Then disconnects his numbers. Round figures: 60 hours, 20 calls per hour, $20 per call.$24000 shows up on your bill at the end of the month.

Not thinking that’s a good idea.

This is great insight (that I do appreciate), but I imagine could be controlled with dialing restrictions from within FreePBX. What I was really looking for in this post was if it was technically possible from within FreePBX, I did go ahead and submit a feature request. I have gone back to edit it to include a warning similar to what cynjut mentioned.


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