Help with Allowlist Module setup

I appreciate help in setting up the Allowlist Module in FreePBX. We have an Inbound Route that goes to an IVR >> Annoucement >>Time Condition >> Ring Group. I would like to use the Allowlist Module to let in some phone numbers. I set the Inbound Route to go to Time Condition >> Ring Group. I set the Allowlist Module as follow:

  • Block Unknown/Blocked Caller ID: Yes
  • Allow Asterisk Phonebook and Contact Manager Callers: Yes
  • Destination for Non AllowListed Calls: IVR

Currently there is no phone number in the Allowlist but all phones are going directly to the Ring Group. I am expecting that since there is no phone numbers in the allow list all calls to go to the IVR, did I miss something?

Thanks in advance

Did you enable the whitelist at the inbound route?

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Thank you @lgaetz. It is working now as expected.

I was also able to automatically add the dialed outbound phone numbers to the Allowlist. I saw some talks / scripts to automaticlly adding phone numbers that passes the IVR and the outbound numbers to be added to the allowlist. Do you know if there is a working script to adding numbers that passes the IVR to the allowed list?

Appreciate your help.

There is nothing in the module (yet!) that will do this, but you can do it easily with dynroutes:

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Thank you again @lgaetz and @mitchmitchell the Allowlist is working as expected. I have attached my call flow here. The only observation that I have is when a phone number is not in the Allowlist and the call goes to the IVR then if the person dial teh extension directly then the phone number will not be added to the Allowlist. It is not a big deal as our extension numbers are not known to public and I only noticed it when I tried to make a shortcut.

Thanks again for your and the community work.

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