Help setting up *simple PBX* ( I have a PSTN number (gizmo5accnt.)) + hardware VOIP phone

Hi all,

I just want to have a working phone system while I learn all this new stuff. I have AsteriskNOW( V.?(I just D.L. it) + CenturyAdvantage (model: P104SLD using SIP) hardware VOIP telephone on a home network. all of the I.P.'s are assigned(no DHCP).

Please, I admit I’m too lazy to read the forums, someone copy and paste the settings to get my system working with a Gizmo5 account with a PSTN number and all services active.

Eventually I want to get this system right, but right now, I just want a working phone.

Thanks in advance,
(I owe U a beer or what ever. when we meet.)

You gotta be kidding?

Either read one of the great getting started guides (PBXiaF Without Tears is a great one - that distro uses FreePBX also) or forget about learning.

Sorry “I’m to lazy to take the time and find a perfectly good post and re-post it for you”.

Please take you feet off the coffee table, sit up, learn to google and read a little.

Thank you SkykingOH,

" PBXiaF Without Tears is a great one "

I did not ask anyone to be ANY LESS lazy than myself, but just to point me in the right direction. I’m sure most of you have a preferred manual or whatever for this system, and like skykingOH could simply mention it without
all the posturing and holier than thou, crying like the other person who posted.
fskrotzki do us both a favor and ignore all my posts, pimp.

Actually my ‘You gotta be kidding’ was on the sarcastic side I just thought I would add something that bordered on useful.

Unfortunately I regret doing that since you choose to insult one of the major contributors to this forum.

The "contributor’ did not contribute, you did.

I’m not brand new to these type of forums, I knew some “developer” would get his panties in a wad because I don’t want to devote my life to learning this software. Because of the attitude of most " Software Developers", I decided to test the waters.
Sure enough, don’t dare be honest and admit that, you don’t want to have to read, Oreilly’s 500 page Asterisk Bible, or to dedicate my life to learning this program, just to have a working phone. Someone has been through it with similar hardware, and can simply say, " XYZ is a good beginners guide, you’ll need to set up a trunk and an outgoing line.", or whatever.
Further more when I put out that I was too lazy to read the forums, that in itself was fictitiousness, which apparently went completely over your intellect.

At least after your “sarcasm”, you added something that as you yourself said, “bordered on useful.” Not really, but at lease you didn’t come off as a pure hater.
fskrotzki didn’t even add that, but rather just jumped to the conclusion, that I can’t google up this stuff myself, and gonna chastise me for being lazy- That’s the holier than thou attitude I refer to, he added NOTHING USEFUL to the discussion, but rather caused me to change my attitude from a supplicant, asking for a simple favor, to an antagonist looking for a fight. Re-read my post, without tunnel vision on the “too lazy” part, I simply asked if someone with a similar set-up would upload the basic config. files, or something so I can have a working phone system - READ THIS PART - Quote "while I learn all this new stuff."
There are weeks of reading on this subject if I have to go though ALL the posts, ALL the books, etc.

Putting a web interface on someone else’s work is not programming, I couldn’t even get into the program initially, because the “developers” have got the default passwords screwed up. Since the “programmers” are not really programmers,
in all likelihood, but rather glorified web writers, who have screwed up the passwords, they probably introduced other security flaws and bugs into the system.
“I’m a ‘programmer’!”
“really what language do you program in?”
“HTML and javascript and flash!”
" Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha
,Ha!" - yes, real programmers laugh at you people.


You can take this or leave it, it’s no skin off my back. Just remember when you are ignored and get no responses in the future it is because you asked for it.
Being a first time poster we tend to give people a lot of leaway but when you start off the way you did and state you are to lazy and basically want to leach off somebody elses hardwork instead of taking the time that every else has to learn what did you expect. What did you really expect?

Only two of us have responded to you but I know for a fact that several others automatically wrote you off based on your first post and I know of one other tht has based on the rest.

You clearly started off wrong, SkykingOH pointed you to the proper place to start looking so I didn’t need to point that out again also. There are many new people here who after only a hour of reading and a bit of googling can get a system up and running without issue but as you clearly stated “I admit I’m too lazy to read the forums” you could not take the time while downloadign the ISO to looking around and take control of your situation and learn a little.

So All I did was turned your poor request back around on you and look at who got all bent out of shape.

If you had been smarter all you really needed to say was “I just downloaded a copy of AsteriskNow and am looking for a good quick guide to getting it working as I can’t find one.” and it would not have come across as being a lazy smart a$$.

So consider how you post your requests…

I also have to wonder at the motives of someone who would author such a diatribe.

It seems only to incite and not any genuine desire to acquire any knowledge.

For those lurking that may come upon this post, FreePBX is hardly just a ‘web interface’ Asterisk in itself is not a PBX, or an IVR it contains a functions and applications that are glued together with dial plan extensions. FreePBX manages the entire system dial plan providing stateful CLASS through extremely creative AGI scripts and a halfway decent web interface to configure it all.

If ever you doubt what is going on in the background of FreePBX load up Asterisk on your system and start writing even a basic dialplan from scratch. You will soon have a very clear understanding of how flexible and friendly FreePBX makes Asterisk.


you are both probably right about FreePBX, and definitely right that I approached the whole situation wrong.
However this is what caused my problem, after my initial post, in which I expected a rebuke, but along with that should come at least some help, however sarcastic. SkykingOH was exactly right in his reply. You on the other hand, fskrotzki, did not offer any help? and you’re a contributor?

The only other post I’ve seen on this site came from 2 other new users who couldn’t get past the password problem, I offered help on that one but, no contributors chimed that I saw, and obviously if that was the first posts that I saw, then I’m newer than them.

No help? And when you don’t like my initial approach, you tell me to read the book? Why are you here? It probably would have caused less problems and been less work for you, less typing to say,“There is a quick start guide, I thought it was included” with a link. And if it’s a link to the FAQ, now I can appreciate that kind of sarcasm, but even better if you keep a page set-up for newbies, with important up to date information, like the fact that the advertised passwords do not work, and that these are the settings, and lots of examples for different known providers.

As I said, I admit to my own wrongdoing, and my first post I admitted that I was feeling lazy, most people won’t admit to that, but no help? None, not in any of your posts?

As I said the first time, thank you skykingOH


OK, you want a contributor to contribute? I shall commence to contribute…

You just downloaded Asterisk Now, but you are not sure about the version? Unless it is 1.5 beta and only 1.5 beta, there is no FreePBX integration. While while are on the topic, beta is probably not going to provide the best first experience out of the box. Six months from now Asterisk Now maybe the go to ISO. I’d suggest PBX in a Flash or the new kid at fonicaprojects to start with.

If it is AN1.5b you got, did you install it? And on what?

You mention the P104SLD? One phone? Is there a connection to the Internet involved here? I mean you want to be able to do more than try out feature codes and make system recordings and such. Right?

btw, two seconds of Google produced:

There. A little help with a little sarcasm. Seriously, if you want to play in this sandbox, you need to quit kicking sand around. fskrotzki is a pretty good guy and your language and intonation are offensive.


Thank you very much. I appreciate you taking the time to contribute something worthwhile to the discussion. First I will apologize for giving offence, if you say, fskrotzki is a pretty good guy I will accept that. fskrotzki, I apologize to you, I was being overly sensitive. I recommend offering SOME help (however meager) with any, tips on netiquette, etc. as the stick without the carrot…

Yes, it is 1.5b, and I’m pretty much out of my lazy spell so since I already have all the documentation on all of my equipment as well as Asterisk, freePBX, and who knows what else. here’s the current set-up:

cable broadband(comcast) to a linksys router set-up with a home network, static IP’s(

The AsteriskNOW box is at .130 and the ACT is at .125

The AsteriskNOW box is a spare Dell Dimension 8200, cobbled together from spare parts and it runs well, though obviously underpowered for any real use.
(1)10/100 NIC
20G. hd.

I’ve port forwarded all of the VOIP ports directly to the PBX, just short of an actual DMZ. I’ll lock it down once I get the system tuned.
I would like the PBX to handle all VOIP traffic, while communicating with any phones using probably IAX. In a production environment the phones would directly encode/decode to G.729A/B for easy integration with business communications and bandwidth reduction.

I have a couple of concerns with the design of the current system. I would prefer in a production environment, to have the PBX functions completely separated (different machine) from the web server, database, or any other functions not core to the telephone communications because if you lose the PBX you could lose hundreds of calls at once.
Also I’m curious why use a web browser interface at all, when it appears that after initial set up, things like call plans shouldn’t get updated that often. and that a SSH client/server connection would suffice (xmms2, gkrellm, gps type connect.)

Also while flash allows for continuously updated information, I have yet to see a decent version of flash for Linux, I swear that they put a little windows virtual machine with the program, so it won’t ever run better than the Windows version.

I like the program, don’t get me wrong, I do, but I would probably have done several small GUI applications with a SSH connect to the server. I’ll have to get back to you once I educate myself on the system’s true pros/cons. My initial impression of the complete software system was very favorable.

Thank you again for contributing, I’ll try to have a kinder tone and more agreeable nature in the future, but I may as well admit it, use a stick on me and no carrot and I’ll come out swinging pretty much every time.


I doubt anyone is going to be able to help you configure that phone from an out of business Taiwanese manufacturer… So, I’d set that aside and get a softphone like Zoiper or X-Lite, both are available in a free version.

Then go into FreePBX and make an extension, say 7000 (do not make the password the same as the extension -or- anything easy like 1234, etc…) Save it and hit the little orange bar and apply.

Don’t worry about much but the number, name and password for now.

The google how to set up your softphone and try an echo test ( *43 )

You still haven’t said what you are trying to accomplish? One or more SIP/IAX providers or number of phones, etc…

I have a soft phone Gizmo5 on one of my windows boxes, and it works fairly well, that’s how I got the Gizmo5 account.

I then started researching the VOIP market, I used Vonage for years, and have always been happy with them despite the glitches that my ISP threw into the mix.
I looked at both Diamondcard and (cursory) Bandwidth, to get an idea of the current market strategy, etc. and as to the feasibility of setting up something similar to Vonage with customized routers and such.
I decided against it because of the cost of the high speed connection required, to the end user, and because most of my customers will be on Comcast or similar, and these people sell telephone service. Guess who’s customer’s get the quality voice connection, and who’s sound like they are at the bottom of an aquarium, sorry shades of my years with Vonage.

I am still convinced that there is money in this market, but I realize that I need to control my network, perhaps through installing networking infrastructure into new neighborhoods, apartment complexes, etc., and getting a (probably) AT&T data link with QOS/SLA’s and the like, all very expensive.

If I can target businesses with your system, I believe that that is where the money is because businesses are tied to that land line, most residential customers use cell phones and get great deals already. The business man I can offer cheaper, better service with perks like 8** numbers and such. I’m going to make money with this thing, or I won’t mess with it, but if I can make money, I’ll start working seriously on it.

As to how I think I can pull any of this off, I’ve been using computer’s (minor programming,BBS, etc.) since '82 starting on a Commadore64, and finally actually going to college majoring in computer (applied) sciences, for a good foundation in networking, operating systems, (commercial)PBX systems(a single (part of) a class), minor programming(javascript, (x)html, and others). I get tired of listing this stuff really, but you gotta think, 1982 teaching myself assembly code so I can have programs on my Commadore64, cause I can’t afford a $200.00 disk drive, I’ve got bills to pay, and young kids.

I like the idea of a managed system for small businesses. I don’t believe that the average person, especially a business person, actively trying to make money, wants to learn how to program a call plan, no matter how user friendly. And if that service is provided to them with operators, service guarantees, timely updates. Privately owned hotels, mobile home parks, are the type customer I’m looking at… yes, they get a “kickback” that’s how you interest them.

I mean really, just as this program is your “baby”, I could make this my baby.

Anyway, my interest is commercial, and if you’re interested in discussing it or other business plans further, I’d be glad to do that, but I’d rather do it privately and would require an NDA to protect both of our intellectual property, but truthfully that is why I downloaded the software and installed it, It’s just going to be a lot of work learning the ins and outs of the programs involved and a lot of this technology has advanced and changed since I worked with it last, and I’m not sure there is that much money in it until you own your own network.

Sorry, I know that’s a long one.


Well this is much more than a ‘simple PBX’ so we can add deception to your motives.

One of my ventures is an ITSP just as you describe. We serve one market, customers either have a private DSL that terminates to our DSLAM ATM interface or a T1. We started off with a Sylantro soft switch before migrating to bare bones Asterisk at the core and we use a managed device running FreePBX at the customer premise. To the customer it is a black box. We found it far easier to move the ‘feature server’ to the customer and consider our data center a ‘tandem’

FreePBX is not designed for the core of a reseller. Asterisk is in use by carriers around the world. FreeSwitch is also an up and coming player but does not fit in our environment due to it’s lack of IAX support.

You came here with an agenda and a chip on your shoulder. That’s too bad because there is a wealth of experience in the very group you alienated.

I would strongly suggest that you attend the next OTTS training that Robert is hosting/instructing. You will get a chance to understand how the community operates. It was a great experience for me.

Come on this has got to be a april fools joke.
this templewolf can not be serious.
The “I need help to setup the simple stuff and then I will be a reseller / installer”.

The reason I did not response before is cuz I did not wish to fall for the joke.

Really bragging about being a programmer??? "1982 teaching myself assembly code so I can have programs on my Commadore64, " Who did not hack code for computers in 82??? Anyone???..Anyone???
I would not call that programming.
Programming is what we did when we ported from NCP to TCP ( 82 ~ 83) and wrote inventory (networked) control database apps during lunch, so managing the support service inventory could be done by a single person instead of four.

This posting has to be a joke.

Good call Scott. In Fact, templewolf… PM and I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse on the next Open Telephony Training Seminar.

btw Gizmo5 is a Gizmo5 client with the added ability to connect to an Asterisk server. I still suggest you try Zoiper or x-lite. They are more like configuring a hard phone and will be of more use.

While I understand that you might think deception is on of my traits or motives skykingOH, That’s not exactly true, my personal home VOIP system using Gizmo, was working fine, I’m in the process of starting several businesses and this is just one that I’m researching. While I have a lot of experience in the computer field, I have not been active in it for about 7 years, computer technology changes rapidly.

My training was in the theory and general design of commercial (AT&T type)telephone switching and PBX system’s, old school stuff, nothing like Asterisk really, since it’s largely hardware level stuff (switching fabric with low bitrate control channels), and that was part of a course on telecommunications technology(PSTN.)
I’ve been using Linux pretty much exclusively for my personal computers since around 1993. I’ve known about Asterisk for years and had even thought about putting it to use during my college years, but I never did.

To the entire community, I’ve already explained about where my bad attitude came from and apologized for it, I won’t keep on doing that, but this is where the laziness came from that day.
I’m trying to start several businesses, I have a lot of fields that I’m trained in. The first is an new auto mechanics shop and I’m the mechanic. On that day I put in about 14 hours working, hard work. I already know I have about 1500-2000 pages, at least, of studying before I could even start to deal with the various software and configurations on the level that I’m used to. When I was a kid, this would be fun, but today I just put in 14 hours and this is more work, and I don’t even know if I want to add this to what I do.

My attitude was bad and I don’t blame you folks for taking another (little) dig, I’m not mad about it. What I expected was a reply like skykingOH’s initial reply. what I was really hoping for was that someone said, “I’ve got close to that set-up.” and send me a config file I could make some changes to and just drop in to have a working phone at home. The system had been installed a week and I hadn’t had time to even start to study the paperwork. I swear I didn’t lie, I still just want a working home phone while I learn all this new stuff. I didn’t scroll up and look, but I think that’s pretty close to my first post. I still don’t have that because I’m still doing other things.

I already know Gizmo is not the best solution, but I might as well use the services I paid for, any advice on the other options for soft phones is appreciated. I already know that the phone I have is not ideal, the whole system was cobbled together as cheaply as possible, because when it comes down to it, it is a research project for now. I’ve got the Gizmo trunk set-up, and played with the call plans, no extensions or anything else are done. Really it’s on hold for now, I don’t have time for the learning curve.

fskrotzki, I’m sorry I attacked you, I really am, but skykingOH had already handled the situation fine, and I wasn’t mad. This would have been a two post thread. I’ve been hit with a stick and handed a carrot for so long that, really the stick just makes me hungry. The only time I get mad is if you hit me with a stick and don’t have the carrot, now I’m hungry, and you don’t have any carrots? what the he!!ed you hit me for?

If you folks can get over being mad at me and work with me, you’ve already created more or less what I was researching providing, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I really just want to sell and set-up the infrastructure, and get a small commission as long as they maintain their service contract. I would, install, maintain and sell the initial hardware using your system. This gets you in the door on the service contract plus your percentage of the hardware sales.

I’m not a greedy person, if I’m setting up a bunch of these, the commission does not need to be that high per account.

Bubba, thanks for contributing, I wasn’t bragging about my programming ability. I am not, and really, never have been a programmer, as ANY real programmer who looks at my programming resume will tell you. Commodore basic, assembly, javascript, forth, html, and I taught myself, and I haven’t programmed in years? Come on. But I have written code(entire, working, debugged programs) and that takes a certain mode of (logical)thought that most people don’t understand, and I’m not 18 years old, only those of us who were alive then, and understood computers, hacked our computers.
That’s what I wanted you to get from my history, not that I’m the super-duper computer wiz who does it all, just that I’m not a kid, and not completely ignorant about what you do. My preferred modus operandi is networking design and installation.

Thanks all,


I thought I gave you some fairly useful information about my business model in my last post.


That’s exactly what I’m talking about, but I would prefer that any business plans be discussed through private email. I have a standard NDA that I alter for each person that I do business with, this protects both of our intellectual property including but not limited to ideas, business plans, inventions, personal information, and any communication between us. It works both ways, protecting both of us and creating an atmosphere conducive to cooperative business ventures. We can talk freely about un-patented ideas in order to create other business contracts.

I’m very interested in outsourcing this part of the total networking service while I can concentrate on what I like to do, design and install networks.
I don’t know the procedure for passing that kind of information, and I don’t even know if it’s against the rules here or anything to ask. I can create a temporary email address, I don’t want to past my home address for obvious reasons.


To me you are going at this all wrong, there is no “fast track” to learning,
to sell this service you must know how to build from the ground up or you will fail.
So to ask for a “cheat sheet” to just get by “until” you get around to learning this stuff, would be a dis-service, the knownledge you would gain in doing it yourself can not be replaced.

It is VERY easy to setup the PBX using the Freepbx GUI, there are even providers with wizards (voicepulse) and vitelity has page you just copy and paste from.
It is not the act of copy and paste that teachs you, it is the “getting” to that point that does.

If you have a logic brain then just open the gui and get started it has little popup’s for what you fill in. spend a few mins with it and you should find
it is easy to do (I have never read any of the “Docs” but a little here and there).

Inbound route
someplace to go (IVR / EXTEN)
someone to answer

Outbound route