Help securing recordings

Hi, let me start by saying I am new to freepbx and its configurations. I have administered VoIP systems, but not done initial configurations and settings. I have recently been hired to a new company and the PBX is setup to do recordings for certain extensions.

Currently our recordings are available at Recently we have found that these recordings are not password protected.

My question is this…how can i enable authentication of these recordings? Can i integrate authentication via IIS?

thank you for your help in advance

(currently we are running FreePBX

after further investigation, it looks the there is a php script inside the /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/ that allows the recordings to be downloaded.

I am thinking that i may look into Mike’s solution of upgrading our outdated phone system. Since recordings are the priority of our company (we have a single ringall Q and an auto attendant with about 30 extensions) is one of the systems listed above better for me than another?

Thanks again for your help in this matter

where does that URL come from []? its been a while since i looked at a freePBX 2.5 system but that recdownload.php does not ring any bells at all. Are you sure this URL is part of freePBX?

Are you running some sort of distro like trixbox?
FreePBX 2.5.2 is very old and out of support.
I suggest that you look at AsteriskNOW, PBX in a Flash or Elastix for a better solution.

IIS? Is this running on windows?

yeah, its running on Windows web server 2008. I am looking into using Samba to share out the folder, but am not familiar with its configurations.

and the pbx uses CentOS 5.3