Help required

Hello all I want to set up an external extension that will call 1 extension when when the handset is lifted. I am not sure what this type of extension is called and have not found a way of doing it. Many thanks in advance.


This is typically called ‘hotline’ and needs to be enabled in the device (if it’s an IP phone) or in the ATA / gateway if it’s an analog phone. If you can’t find the setting, post make and model of phone or gateway.


Depends on your phone model, but most have a hotline function.

Also depending on your device, the user may still be able to dial other things. You can fix that with custom dialplan.

The phone is a snom300 emergency calls will not be enabled. The line on the system is in another area about 250 miles away.

I believe that you want

Thanks Stuart and the rest. I was looking at how to do it on the PBX. Got there now.



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