Selective non-intercom internal call

So, say you have some users that want to default to internal intercom calls but want the ability to ring an extension sometimes instead of initiating an intercom.

What would be the easiest way to accomplish this?

Or should the default just be to no auto intercom and just use the feature code when an intercom is wanted.

I would go with plan B

What I figured. Lol! Worth a shot.


Some phones have the ability to do a ‘hotline’ call on going off-hook, (in your case that would be to your multicast/page to the PA system), but also support a time out setting that will only do the hotline thing after the timeout and be over-ridden if you press buttons before that timeout. This is phone dependant but might suit your use case.

Co-incidentally, just today with a Yealink

Note ‘HotLine number’ and ‘hotline delay’

Didn’t even think about the hotline feature, but don’t think it will fit the use case. We’ll probably just stick with the intercom feature code/blf to initiate.

Much appreciated @dicko

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