Help needed: One out of 10 numbers not able to call outbound

Hi, i need some help wit my PBX

i have since today a strange problem:

i have one out of 10 numbers that i can NOT call outbound (inbound calls working fine)
can somebody help me?

here is the LOG

When you called “+EDITED-PRIVATE”, your carrier rejected that number with a ‘cause 21’, you will need to sort it out with them.

Cause No. 21 - call rejected.
This cause indicates that the equipment sending this cause does not wish to accept this call. although it could have accepted the call because the equipment sending this cause is neither busy nor incompatible. This cause may also be generated by the network, indicating that the call was cleared due to a supplementary service constraint. The diagnostic field may contain additional information about the supplementary service and reason for rejection.


thank you for your reply

do you mean a diagnostic field in freepbx? if so can you tell me where to find this option, please?

i looked in to my account on my SIP provider, nothing shows up blocked there…
unfortunately it is a small regional SIP provider and the Phone support does not work on the weekends

i will call them on monday and see what they have to say

i will report back here

Not directly in FreePBX, but possibly in the SIP transaction log (but don’t count on ot :slight_smile: )

I see you are using + dialing, is there any pattern to the dropped calls vs. the successful ones? Perhaps Mobile vs. National, by country etc.

all my trunks are set up exactly the same, same dial patters etc.

the number i called was my mobile number, when i call my mobile number from my other trunks it works fine…

as said it worked until today for month, no changes in the PBX…

if you need a log file from a successfull call from my other trunk let me know so i can paste a log.

I would wait for the Carrier to clarify.

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thank you for your help :+1:

i will report back on monday

Hi, i called my SIP Provider today,

Problem solved as @dicko said:

they blocked my number for outgoing calls, there was an error

thank you :+1:

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