Have you setup FreePBX on cloud servers like DigitalOcean / Linode / AWS etc?

Have you setup FreePBX on cloud servers like DigitalOcean / Linode / AWS etc?
How did you do it? There does not seem to be an easy way to do it via ISO.
The only other option is manual setup: OS -> Asterisk -> FreePBX.
Any suggestion on what is the best approach?

On Digitalocean you can upload up to two ISO images

Vultr allows for iso installation.

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That’s interesting. Will check with them.

Asterisk (FreePBX) needs CPU optimized instances over Memory optimized, correct?

Your fine with the $5 basic offering, ad long as your happy with a 25GB disk you can upsize then downsize at any time (with the machine turned off)

I just checked with DO, they do not support ISO images :frowning:

Their suggested method is to install the ISO in Virtualbox and convert into VDI & then upload the VDI to DO. Not sure if that’s a good approach.

@dicko Would you recommend the ISO to VDI to DigitalOcean or would you recommend manually installing CentOS + Asterisk + FreePBX etc.?



is an ISO install and then updated through June.

Thanks @billsimon
Are you the developer of the DO image?

I am the arranger but not original composer.

my apologies, that was Vultr I was Thimkimg of.

Is there a cost associated with using the image (apart from DO instance charges)?


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upcloud has custom iso. Seems very good and very fast and they offer $100 credit also they offer double credit, if you add $150 credit they will make it $300. https://upcloud.com/community/tutorials/using-own-install-media/

I have 10 or so freepbx servers running with vultr. I have been using them for about a year and a half and haven’t had any issues. I recommend them.

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AWS allows you to upload VMware workstation or vSphere vmdk files and it will convert them for you as part of the upload process. Also, if you have a vSphere setup, you can use server migration service to migrate a VM to your AWS environment. AWS runs freepbx really well and it is inexpensive, so I can definitely say it works and I have been doing it since about 2015 or earlier.

I’m running FreePBX on a VPS hosted by Netcup (I’m from Germany). It’s my backup system and has been working very reliably so far!

I’ve been running one on Vultr for about 2 years now. No real issues to speak of, it’s been solid overall.

I have been running several FreePBX instances on Cyberlink for just about 2 years. When you build a new server FreePPX is one of the image choices to build and includes Sysadmin and Endpoint Manager commercial licenses. Complete servers starting at 19.95/mo but most of mine are in the $60-$90 as I add CPU and Memory options to increase the number of simultaneous calls.


Customer service as been really good. I only build SSD PBX images now, had some call quality issues in the beginning with their lower cost HDD systems that were tied to cron jobs that all ran at exactly the same time on the virtual servers causing some I/O issues on the disks, so much so I suggested either they change the build or Sangoma make the cron jobs start time a random # of seconds after the minute. Not sure how many virtual servers were running on the same hardware but it was enough to cause issues on call quality but haven’t had any complaints in the last year.