Have an external number like a cell log into the queue?

Hey everyone what’s the best way to do this? I have a sales queue which is number 500 that my reps log into each morning and log out at end of day.

I’m looking to hire someone in another province that will work from home. I don’t want them connecting directly to my asterisx box as I don’t think my internet connection can support that. Instead I’m going to just make a DID for them with my voip provider and get them a SIP phone to log into my voip provider directly, so they won’t be on my system. I’ll give them an extension so if people call it will forward it to that DID and what not though.

Is there an easy way for them to log in and receive calls from the queue though? I’m hoping for a somewhat easy method though like them being able to just dial a number vs using a web portal and using follow me and so on. If I make an extension for them and forward calls to that extension to their phone line at their home, I assume that would work if they’re logged into the queue with that extension which they could do through FOP2 I guess. But wonderin more if there’s a way to dial into the PBX and log into the queue remotely that way?

I think this could be accomplished by using FollowMe on the local extension. I would envision that the user would phone the office and enter/exit the queue just as if he were there locally.

This may help: http://www.freepbx.org/forum/remote-agents

One thing to consider…

You say your interconnect can’t hanndle it. What about their internet?