Hardware compatibility list for FreePBX 14 (SNG 7)

Is there a hardware compatibility list for FreePBX 14 (SNG 7)? I have older hardware, and when installed FreePBX 14 did not identify my NIC, the same NIC the install had been using to download. My analog cards are also older. I’d like to know what hardware is supported before installing again. I want to know what NICs are supported, before I buy another one, and if my analog cards are supported.

Get an Intel chipset based controller and your pretty much guaranteed compatibility.

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The SNG7 distribution is based on CentOS 7, so the driver issues you are seeing is because of deprecated drivers that no longer carry a lot of market support. Look around the Interwebs for drivers for your hardware and CentOS and you should be able to find support.

If you want to get new hardware anyway, I find that most of the AMD and Intel Motherboards with integrated devices work fine. The trick, though, is finding devices that are on the supported timeline “bell curve”. Too old (like the boards you are apparently using now) and the drivers have deprecated out of the SNG image. Too new (like some of the NUC boards) and you run the risk of having a device that’s too new.

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Thanks for the responses. Bottom line seems to be that there is not a hardware compatibility list, and it’s trial and error to determine what hardware is supported. I’ll buy a NIC (Intel), reinstall, and see if the analog cards are supported.

There isn’t one maintained for FreePBX.

CentOS 7 has a compatibility list. Perhaps you could look at that?

Finally, I tend to give back the level of detail I get.

That’s not a lot to work with from our perspective. There are lots of NICs and “analog cards” that work with SNG7, but there’s no way for anyone to help you specifically because your description of the problem is, in effect, “my thing is broke - will you fix it.” The fact that the NIC worked for the install but not for the configuration of FreePBX is a mystery, but one we can’t help you with because that’s all the information we’ve got.

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Thanks Dave. My interest is in the existence of a hardware compatibility list, a fairly common document for server software. I’m not so much interested in a one-off determination of the compatibility of the hardware I have in a particular server.

Review CentOS and RedHat list for OS and all Sangoma and Digoum cards are supported in stock DAHDI and FreePBX Distro.

SNG7 is CentOS7 is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is Fedora 19 is Linux Linux kernel 3.10, systemd 208, and GNOME 3.8 (rebased to GNOME 3.22 in RHEL 7.4)

Here. I did all the hard googling for you.


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We provide exactly the same hardware support as RHEL7 does (thanks to @tm1000 for the link), but in addition we also provide these drivers, which are not contained in a standard RHEL7 instance:

  • HP CCISS HDD Controllers (Suitable for P200/P400 controllers) (kmod-cciss)
  • Via Rhine Network Cards (kmod-via-rhine)
  • Via Velocity Network Cards (kmod-via-velocity)
  • nVidia nForce Network Cards (kmod-forcedth)

We added those network cards because we discovered that a lot (several thousand) of existing machines had those cards ALREADY, and we didn’t want to cause them to have to replace their machine for no good reason when they upgraded. (I added the CCISS driver because I use a lot of HP machines for testing, so that one was selfish on my behalf! :sunglasses: )

However, if you have a network card that isn’t supported, I can probably help you out with providing a driver for it, if you tell me what driver it needs!


Thanks for all of the responses! I’ll pass on the one-off driver install, but thanks for offering. I don’t really enjoy mucking around with drivers in any OS and my Linux experience is very limited. One of my goals is to keep things as low maintenance as possible. Getting a supported NIC aligns with that goal. My main interest was in being able to do that with the minimum of uncertainty

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