Hello, I’m doing an integration of my system with the freepbx center using the “GraphQL PBX APIs” where I add an extension:
mutation {
input: {
extensionId: 702
name: “Test”
tech: “pjsip”
email: “”
umGroups: “1”
umEnable: true
umPassword: “xxxxx”
vmEnable: true
callerID: “”
maxContacts: “1”
doreload(input: {}){

This function adds perfectly, but I need to pass more parameters “Extension: 702/advanced/Recoding Options” I need to send the internal and external links with the answer “yes”, but I didn’t find anything in the documentation referring to these parameters.
Is there a way to do it this way? Or no way to change the extension later via MYSQL if you have in which table is this parameter?

thank you for your attention

the extension data in the recording part is stored in a sqlite database.

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