Grandstream BLF/Monitored Call Park only works one-way

New FreePBX user, thanks in advance… Setting up a few GXP2170 phones and ran into some interesting behavior regarding call park. This seems to be an issue with the phone configuration as call parking on the PBX is working as expected when doing a transfer to 70.

Goal: Have 2 BLF keys (Call Park 1, Call Park 2, etc) that when pressed during a call, will transfer the current call to that slot (without needing a 3rd designated BLF to actually park the call)

If a make a call from one extension to another, the person who made the call is able to press either BLF key and the call is parked in the specified slot. The BLF turns red, and the call can be retrieved by pressing the BLF again. This is as expected.

But, if the phone receiving call tries to do the same thing, both ends of the call get a busy signal.

What’s my phone trying to do here? Is this configuration possible/supported or should I just create a 3rd BLF to transfer the call to 70?

I have this setup and working the way you describe. Two buttons, one for park 1 and another for park 2. Pressing either of them while on call will place the current call in the specified parking lot. That light will change to red, and pressing it again will pick it up.

I do this through the Endpoint Manager though, so I’m not sure exactly what it looks like on the phone web config.

The button type is “Monitored CallPark” and I just use 71 and 72 as the values. I don’t have a button mapped to 70.

Thanks, that’s what I currently have but scratching my head why it only works on one side of the call. What type of phones? I thought Endpoint Manager only worked for Sangoma phone.

edit: Just realized that is a commercial module but does indeed manage Grandstream phones.

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