Google Voice no outbound route

I have configured a google voice (motif) account under Connectivity. Inbound calls work!

However, I don’t see how to route outbound calls to google voice.

I have checked the boxes “Configure Trunk” and “Configure outbound routes” for the Google Voice channel. But I don’t see a route for Google Voice under Connectivity->Routes. I’ve seen from some older youtube video that I should see a GV_nnnnnnnnnn route in this table but it’s not there in my version. In fact, nor is there a trunk under the Trunks list (though inbound works via my catch all inbound route).

Seems like a bug! Am I missing something? How can I direct specific calls or use Google Voice as a backup route?

I’m using Rapspbx running FreePBX and Google Voice/Chan Motif13.0.3.2. All seems up to date as possible, these seem to be the latest versions.

I downgraded the google/motif plugin to version 12 and it works. So there seems to be some bug in version 13.

Use the edge version. It’s already fixed.

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