Google Voice just stopped

I have had this PBX up for years using the GV Motif module and it just decided to disconnect. Password is correct. My log file is filled with this:

[2016-06-15 10:16:36] ERROR[2107] res_xmpp.c: TLS connection for client ‘xxxxxxxxx’ cannot be established. OpenSSL initialization failed.
[2016-06-15 10:16:36] WARNING[2107] res_xmpp.c: Parsing failure: Hook returned an error.
[2016-06-15 10:16:36] WARNING[2107] res_xmpp.c: JABBER: socket read error

I haven’t made any changes to router, firewall or anything and haven’t updated FreePBX modules…any ideas. Thanks

From what I have seen in other places they made a change. The end result was wait for a patch from the guy who does the asterisk patch or use @billsimon service. He may actually know more

Based on a post on dslreports xmpp auths are now all broken and you must use oauth2. This requires patching asterisk. The only way to use GV without patching asterisk is to use a gateway service

Interesting…well it just decided to show connected again, however only outgoing calls work. Incoming calls go to Google Voice and are not forwarded to Asterisk box. Is this change recent?

I don’t use GV but started seeing complaints yesterday.

Hmm, yeah im not 100% sure whats the issue. I can make outgoing calls, any softphone client on a desktop or smartphone will register and make ext-ext calls no problem as well as outgoing. Just incoming doesn’t work, and when I do call my GV number, it redirects to another number that then leads to my Google Voice voicemail. Not real privy on Asterisk so not even sure how to check oAuth version. I do know its 11.4

oauth2 is not supported by asterisk upstream. It is a patch people add.

Ahh,well if the issue was oauth2, wouldn’t that prevent PBX from even connecting to GV? Its connected now, just incoming not being forwarded

So interesting, I left myself a message and the GV service actually called in on my GV number to let me listen to the message, so the incoming call directly from GV worked.

Well must have been something with Google. I did another reboot of Asterisk and now its all working again. So I guess problem solved =)

Sorry, I don’t really know anything more about it, except that yesterday/today’s issue seems to have affected Obihai and Asterisk equally and there are a lot of inconsistent reports about how the problem was resolved.

The error message at face value seems to point to a TLS incompatibility, as though Google were enforcing a more strict TLS scheme and the client side has an older OpenSSL implementation that is not compatible. That hypothesis would line up with Google’s usual push for stronger, more secure encryption, but there is no proof that this is the case.

The other thing we saw while troubleshooting it on the PIAF forum was users only being offered OAUTH2 as a login method – user/pass (“plain”) login was not being offered in the XMPP handshake.

It’s not known whether people resolved the connection problem through various updates or it went away on its own (i.e. Google did something, or it was a temporary error on some of Google’s XMPP servers).

We are having the same issue… Google voice showing disconnected. Password and everything correct. I don’t see a module update for Google voice motif in freepbx.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The obvious solution is to switch to something that is actually a VOIP connection. There are lots of inexpensive VOIP providers that compete favorably with Google Voice and don’t limit what you can do through their EULA.

I usually recommend the two providers I use for outbound (Alcazar Networks and CallWithUs) and the one I use for inbound (Voip Innovations). Of course, SIPStation (the sponsor of the forum’s service) is an excellent choice.

Google has made it clear that they aren’t interested in support the PBX community with free phone services. At some point, they are going to start hammering on people that allow people to abuse their services. If I was Bill, I’d say “nope, sorry. Google doesn’t want people to connect their PBXes up to GV anymore and I don’t want to be sued.” I’m not, of course, so Bill is absolutely encouraged to do whatever his heart desires.

Thanks… We have other paid sip providers but use this for something else.

anyway, does anyone have an update to the issue going on? Hearing a lot of OBI devices are impacted as well, but some are able to restore service after upgrading firmware.

I’m not sure what this has to do with me. I didn’t start this thread and my earlier reply was a whole lot of “I don’t know.” I also don’t know anything of Google’s interests.

Someone figured it out and posted the answer on the PBX in a Flash forum. In summary, Asterisk is trying to log in with deprecated SSL methods. Update Asterisk.

it looks like I only upgraded freepbx and my asterisk is way old. I am working on updating my freepbx distro to something newer than 4.211.64. and if I understand at that point I can run asterisk 12, which should solve my issue

asterisk 11.14 solved the google voice issue, freepbx distro

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