Google voice as a trunk

I’m just an enthusiast that has a few cisco phones hooked up to a cisco switch and a dell server running Free PBX. I know google voice done Fu*ked up their protocol so it wont work by it’s self with FreePBX anymore. So with what’s going on now, how could I use google voice as a trunk with free PBX cheap. Or if there’s a better solution for a better price. Please let me know how to achieve that. I want to be able to receive outside calls and make out going calls.

Google has stated that use of GV with hardware or software not officially sanctioned is in violation of their terms of service.

However, if you still want to pursue that path and have an Obihai device from which you could extract the certificates, see .

Since the price of GV is zero, it’s very unlikely that an alternative solution would be cheaper, unless it involved you providing numerous referrals.

However, there are many inexpensive trunking providers. You can still get a free incoming number at but their outgoing is relatively expensive. Other low end providers that are IMO good values are Localphone, AnveoDirect and SignalWire. For first class service, look at Twilio, Callcentric, Flowroute, SIPStation, Vitelity. These are all very easy to set up with FreePBX.

I’d add VoipInnovations and Telnyx to this list.

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Yes, they went from an XMPP backend to a SIP backend up. Totally [email protected] up doing it that way for sure.

The GVSIP patch is not supported, not encouraged and requires you to do things to your system to make it work. So while it’s “free” as far as the cost goes for the monthly service it’s not going to be free in the time it takes to set it up and make it work. Not to mention keeping it going.

Also just so you know GV has been very clear about this. Using something like this can have your Google accounts, at least your GV account, terminated or suspended.

As a home/personal user that used GV on my Android and with Hangouts, which is TOTALLY within Googles TOS and fits their m.o., I didn’t see hanging the same number off of my pbx-for-1-person as a big “abuse” of their services. I understand their decision but I don’t think it accounts cases like mine. I sipped lightly on their services and the monetized my data, just as was (and is) always the implied agreement, with all of their services.

Anywya, the hard part migrating is losing sms and MMS on the number. Via Hangouts I use it regularly. Probably more than calls.

Giving even 2c to obihai pains me. That is a company that cannot possibly die fast enough to make me happy. Even if it was a horrid and painful death.

So what providers could you suggest that wont cost a small fortune that also [reliably receive/deliver] sms and mms?
I’ve looked at twilio. My usage is low so they should be cheap but the pay-as-you-go combined with “zoned” pricing (zone 5 @ $.25/min??) seems like it could get painful quick.

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