Getting "ghost" calls on 1 extension

Since this afternoon, we’ve been getting endless calls from “ghost” numbers to 1 of our extensions. The name on the phone says “password” or “test” or “100” etc and when we answer there is no one. There is also no record of the call under CDR reports. I have enabled sip show debug on but cannot seem to find where this is coming from.

Our last change was to disable “guest” and “anonymous” calls in the asterisk sip settings. As this extensions is now ringing all the time I am not sure why / how this is happening? Any ideas?

With no records of the calls in the CDR, the likelihood is that the calls are not originating from your PBX as expected, but are spurious calls from the internet getting thru the router directly to the phone. You need to configure your phones not to use common sip signalling ports, and if possible to only accept INVITEs from the host to which they’re registered.

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