Getting error TRUNK Dial failed due to CHANUNAVAIL HANGUPCAUSE: 27 PJSIP

When I try to set a change in the current configuration I get this error. I have not found the cause and don’t know what to do.

What are you trying to change, and how are you trying to change it.

Hi Dave, I was trying to add another extension PJSIP and I set “apply config” and everything crashed. I have a virtual machine, so I reversed it to a snapshot and I tried to set a another change in another module and it crashed again. I am thinking that something misconfigured with the current configuration. Also when I restart the machine, the service stops working.
I try to debug but I do not know what to do.
is the list of hangup causes and what they mean. Yours means that one of your extensions is generating a 404 error, so that could be any one of several possibilities.

Start with your log files, after that, we can start looking at the rest.

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