Get and Install Asterisk modules?

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this has been asked before but in many searches I was unable to locate this information. Be warned I am extremely new to this area.

How do I add additional modules to freepbx? Specifically I would like to see the asterisk CLI and any other asterisk specific modules. I have tried using update modules in FreePBX admin, but it always says it cannot connect to the update site. I attempted several fixes for this error I found elsewhere in the forums but no luck so far.

Thanks in Advance for any Help

Hi Doug,

I am also pretty new to this as well but for what its worth it just kinda works. Are you sure your box has an internet connection that can resolve DNS records ok? No funkeh firewall rules?

Good luck!

ok your subject say’s one thing and you are asking another.

FreePBX requires asterisk to be installed and functioning but it does not in any way manage installation or modules for asterisk.

Modules for FreePBX are a separate matter. You don’t say what version of FreePBX you are using so I can only help so far.

First off make sure that the box that FreePBX is running on has functioning DNS and can resolve If it can’t then that is the first thing that will cause a problem.

Next if you are behind a proxy that will be the second issue, it’s not setup for that. If you have FreePBX 2.5.x there are some changes you can make that might allow it to work but I’m not a expert at that. Search this site for unable to update FreePBX modules behind proxy. There was a patch or two offered to address that.

Next your firewall can cause issues, If the firewall is doing any type of content filtering for http, disable it and try again. The default code does not specify a browser type in the http get request header and some firewalls when filtering will block those requests (potential virus requests can work the same way). This is also addressed in FreePBX 2.5.x and there was a posting on how to change that in the last two weeks by making a change in the amportal.conf file if I remember correctly.

So you need to start doing some trouble shooting and provide more details to get some better help.

Thanks first of all for the initial help offered. If this helps any I am using FreePBX (AsteriskNOW) and am having no end of trouble getting even name resolution working. I’ll see what I can find about changing amportal.conf. Hopefully that can get it going, though I am always open to any other suggestions.

Thanks Again

if you are having name resolution issues then forget everything else until you have resolved that. the phone system, asterisk and FreePBX NEED a properly functioning DNS system to work.

If you know this is a problem then it needs to be fixed first and then see if the other problems still exist or not (most of the time they go away).