General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'agentannounce_id' at row 1

I was hired to replace someone leaving our company. One of my tasks was to get our FreePBX dev server into a usable state to replace out live one. It was running FreePBX 12 with Asterisk 13.1.0. When editing the ring groups I got an SQL error and the ring group disappeared. I tried to edit one or two other ring groups and got the same SQL error. I decided to delete all the ring groups and try to create them all again. Unfortunately, FreePBX kept telling me the ring groups already existed. I verified that the ring groups were all removed from the ringgroup table in the asterisk database.

I read somewhere that ring groups were a FreePBX thing, and not a part of a normal asterisk install. That’s when I got the idea to upgrade FreePBX to version 13. I did the upgrade and I was able to recreate the ring groups. Unfortunately, I later tried to edit a queue and when I tried to save the edits I got the error below. I’ve already tried uninstalling and removing the queue module and reinstalling it. That removed the “queue already exists” error, but I still can’t save any queues without getting the error.

I thought this might be related to the fact that the databases were imported from an Asterisk 11 server and it might be related to changed column settings in the queues table, but I can’t find any information on the Asterisk 13 database schema to compare.

More information available upon request

Error Trace:

I’m assuming this is a hand rolled system that is using mysql 5.6

We don’t support mysql 5.6

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Indeed you are correct. I didn’t realize that, but just checked and it’s running 5.6.29. Thanks for the info tm1000.